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Muslims in UK More Likely Than Other Groups to Believe Jews Control Media, Banks, New Poll Shows

Posted on 11 April 2016 by Josh Green

Muslims in Britain are more likely than non-Muslims to believe antisemitic conspiracy theories, according to a new poll, The Jewish Chronicle reported. The survey — part of a Channel 4 documentary called “What British Muslims Really Think” and scheduled to air on Wednesday– was conducted by ICM Research. It revealed that the Muslim community in Britain overall holds negative attitudes towards Jews when compared to the rest of the public. British Muslims are more likely to believe, for ex . >>> READ MORE ...

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Crime is Less Prevalent in the Orthodox Jewish Community

Posted on 11 April 2016 by Josh Fallik

While one can’t argue with Rabbi Marc Angel’s underlying premise in his blog, “Dishonest Orthodox Jews? Is that Possible? There is much to comment on his view of the subject matter. The good Rabbi bases the entire piece on a April 8, 2016 New York Times article reporting that four NYPD veterans were being reassigned in a disciplinary action stemming from a wide-ranging federal corruption investigation.  The article went on to report that two businessmen at the center of the investigation . >>> READ MORE ...

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