Hayon Vs. Greenfield: Councilmen Should Serve their Constituents, Not Vice Versa

Posted on 18 October 2013 by Community Voice NY

By JP Newsroom

In an blistering interview in the Yiddish language newspaper “Di Tzeitung – News Report”, Joseph Hayon the longshot Republican candidate running for city council in the 44th district against councilman David Greenfield, touted his qualifications for the job and hammered Greenfield for not being there enough for the community.

He named his experience as a school teacher, a tuition paying father of three, and a customer service specialist for a small business as qualifications which gives him a broad understanding of the needs and the hardships of this community.

He stressed his issues with councilman Greenfield’s record as a councilman who is working harder and using the community to advance is own political ambitions rather than working in the interest of his constituents. “There’s so many problems that this community faces, from Metzitza B’peh, to the stores in Williamsburg that were slammed with a city lawsuit for posting modesty requests on their doors” He said, “Imagine how much more the city and state officials would’ve listened to councilman Greenfield, had he shown a consistency of working strictly for the needs of the community rather than to forward his own political ambitions” Hayon Said.

Hayon also mentioned the late term abortion bill, when it came up in the State Senate, Senator Simcha Felder – upon the guidance of his rabbi – was willing to stay in Albany for Shabbos in order to vote against the bill which ultimately was voted down by one vote, and when it came up in the city council, councilman Greenfield supported the bill, claiming that he also consulted a rabbi on the issue, and was told that he can support the bill.

Greenfield’s relationship to Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and his support of her mayoral bid was also criticized by Hayon “If he is so close to Quinn when she is the speaker of the council, couldn’t he have enough influence on her to drop her support of the mayors decree on the Jewish customs? Is this a person we can rely on to represent the Orthodox Jewish interests in the council?” Hayon questioned.

Hayon said that his experience as a customer service specialist will drive him to offer as a number one priority the best services to his constituents, and that he will give his cellphone number to any constituent that wasn’t satisfied with the services of his office, and he will return everyone’s call.

Bob Turner Endorses Councilman Greenfield’s Opponent

There was much excitement within the Hayon campaign today as former Congressman Bob Turner endorsed the candidacy of Joseph Hayon in his race for the 44th District of the New York City Council.

“I got to know Joseph a number of years ago in my race for the seat in the US House of Representatives”, he said. “I won as the Republican challenger against the favorite, Democrat incumbent, in a heavily Democrat electorate district, and Joseph Hayon was there to help me”, he continued “today I’m here to endorse his candidacy in acknowledgment of my debt of gratitude”.

The former Congressman assured the Hayon Team that the he will make available any political resources available to him to get Joseph elected to the New York City Council.

“I wish to express my appreciation to the Congressman for his endorsement, for his service to voters of the New York 9thCongressional District in, and his current and ongoing efforts to reform the Republican Party in New York City”, Hayon said. [Press Release]

By JP Newsroom


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