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The Community Voice NY (CVNY) blog is dedicated to the memory of the once brave community activists and Askonim who lost their courage and effectiveness in the battle for the advancement of their respective communities against political coercion and intimidation.

Orthodox Jewish Communities across the globe have traditionally honored and held in high esteem Askonim and activists who toiled and labored for the interests of the Tzibur.  Jewish history is replete with such individuals, and their exemplary work and accomplishments are retold in high reverence and veneration, for all generations to emulate.

Sadly, gone are those great individuals who survived the European holocaust, those who landed on these American shores and rebuilt the institutional and communal infrastructure without government assistance.  It is awesome to consider the Chadorim, Girl Schools, Yesivahs, Mikvaos, Bikur Cholim organizations, and G’machim of all sorts, which serve Orthodox Jewish Communities across America today and how they were established and grew into massively successful institutions.  They were developed with blood, sweat and tears of VOLUNTEERS and capable individuals — our parents and grandparents — whose entire focus was the restoration of the communities which perished in Churban Europe.   They considered their survival as the raison d’etre for their selflessness, integrity, and devotion to rebuild that which was lost in the war, and it is in their merit that the institutions they labored for, survived the test of time.

Over the years, we have increasingly grown dependent on government largesse in the form of programs. Consequently, our Askonim grew increasingly lethargic, our philanthropists less sharing, and our government more intrusive.  While our communities are, B”H, fruitful and multiplying in every center of Orthodox Jewry across the country, our political influence is not keeping pace.  By and large, we’re not electing representatives who are effectively representing our interests in the halls of government, thus, compounding our dilemma with our dependence on government.   The elected officials are generally accommodating and understanding, and in some instances even sympathetic, however, the roles of community and elected officials are totally reverse.  Rather than the elected representatives being beholden to the community, the community is now beholden to them.   Our activists are now beholden to their respective representatives for the few Shekels in order to keep their Mosdos “above water , AT THE EXPENSE OF THE INTERESTS of the community. Oh! How we’ve fallen.

We, the activists who resist bowing at the altar of government and elected officials, hope to reverse this sad decline.  We need to return to the community model of our progenitors.  We need to support those who truly toil in the needs and interests of the community faithfully, Oskei Btzorchei Tzibur B’Emuna. We need to elect into public office individuals who are truthful and sincere  public servants, not merely politicians.   It has been too long that we relied on politicians to represent our interests in the halls of government, and in the end they compromised us and negotiated away our values for their own political career and advancement.

Genug Shoin.

Contact us with news tips to our news editor Josh Green Jgreen@communityvoiceny.com

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