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Posted on 28 October 2014 by admin

Last week a Yiddish weekly newspaper published an analysis of the “Caller Plan” to build in the next four years 2000 units of affordable housing in Borough Park and an additional 2000 units of affordable housing units in Flatbush.

The newspaper’s editors researched the matter and interviewed three professionals with extensive experience in real estate development. They are:

  • Chaim Israel – more than 30 years’ experience in real estate development as Director of Housing at the SBCO organization.
  • Shmuel Lefkowitz – founding Executive Director of the SBCO organization, and
  • Samuel Stober – long time ranking official in the NYS Homes and Community Renewal agency.

The article focused on the practicability of the “Caller Plan”, and while all three questioned the viability of the “Caller Plan”, each examined the achievability of the plan from divergent points of view and based on practical flaws of the plan.

They raised issues about the:

  • Unattainability of an assemblage of vacant land equivalent to five square city blocks, each, in Borough Park and Flatbush, in order to develop a project of this magnitude.
  • Improbability of successfully obtaining financing commitments for the requisite Three Billion Dollars project cost.
  • Exorbitant costs of building a platform in accordance with the railroad specifications, for the planned housing above the freight railroad line running through Borough Park and Flatbush.
  • Special hazard mitigation costs in building housing above the Buckeye Fuel Pipeline buried underneath the railroad bed.

The housing starved communities of Borough Park and Flatbush were holding their breath waiting to hear answers to these very valid questions hoping to hear from Caller or his campaign office equally valid answers in defense of the “Caller Plan”.

Sadly the NCOJPCanticipated response never came. Rather, the campaign released a pamphlet personally attacking the real estate professionals who were interviewed by the Yiddish newspaper, in a very nasty manner, totally avoiding any rejoinder defending the plan.

Apparently, the “Caller Plan” cannot be defended as it is fraud which was contrived by Moshe Friedman, an rank amateur, managing the Caller campaign. The voters in the district have come to realize that the 2,000-affordable-apartments-in-four-years promise is nothing but a cynical political ploy by the Caller campaign to deceive the voting public in the district that Caller is truly concerned about the housing crises in the Borough Park and Flatbush neighborhoods and that he is truly interested in addressing the housing crunch.

The Caller candidacy was erected on a single issue. Other than 2,000-affordable-apartments-in-four-years, he has nothing else to offer and this promise is crumbling right before our very eyes.

In Caller’s entire career as a real estate attorney has he ever been involved in any affordable housing project?

Has he ever been involved with any charitable community organization?

Has he ever served on a board of any community organization?

Has he ever participated in any public benefit event?

His pronouncements of altruism, selflessness, gallantry, and his assertions of having only the interests of our community at heart, ring hollow, particularly in reviewing Caller’s business activities over the years, before he had his sudden epiphany of a 30 year long housing crises and his inexplicable sudden compulsion for public service.

Over the last decade the Caller, Rabinowitz and Dushinsky Group had developed the industrial zones In the Williamsburg neighborhood for market rate residential housing. While the housing development did indeed help those Williamsburg families who could afford market rate housing, the majority of those buyers claim that they’ve been ripped off by the Caller, Rabinowitz and Dushinsky Group. One would be hard pressed to classify this as altruistic, selfless, or gallant.

After seeing their “Caller Plan” crash and burn, the Caller Campaign has nothing to fall back on but on a invective of angry, disgusting and personal attacks. Rumor has it that a new poster for the social media crowd has been released by the Caller Campaign utilizing nothing less than kindergarten humor.

One question remains unanswered, why his pal David Greenfield hasn’t come to his rescue. Perhaps Greenfield doesn’t want Community Voice NY to list him in losers column along with Caller and OJPC, after Election Day.

Stay Tuned.


“Caller Plan”  in his own words…


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