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Why Do “Air Raid” Sirens Blare In Williamsburg Every Friday?

Posted on 18 November 2014 by Josh Green

If you’re ever in Williamsburg ten minutes before the sun sets on a Friday night, you’ll have heard the eerie sirens that wail far and wide throughout the neighborhood. It isn’t a test or drill, it’s the warning that Shabbat will be starting soon, and it’s time to go home (if you’re Orthodox Jewish). It’s not just one siren, but several, installed on different Yeshivas in South Williamsburg, a neighborhood that’s predominantly ultra-Orthodox Jewi . >>> READ MORE ...

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Winners and Losers 2014 – 48th NYS Assembly District

Posted on 05 November 2014 by moshe emes

Editorial:   Winners Dov Hikind Hikind won this race fairly and squarely, and with a landslide. This race gave him a perfect opportunity to review with the voting public his long list of accomplishments and endeavors over his thirty two year carrier in public service, and he did so in a very gracious and magnificent manner. Hikind is indubitably a winner The Hikind Team Yony Hikind who worked assiduously for the campaign – Klein and Steinmetz who gave the campaign face and character . >>> READ MORE ...

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Election Day is Here!

Posted on 04 November 2014 by admin

Don’t forget to visit your polling station today to cast your ballot, before it closing time. The influence your community commands in the halls of power depends on the number of voters it gets out on Election Day.  The number of voters a community gets out to vote on Election Day matters more that the plurality the successful candidate gets over his opponent. While voting for any one of the candidates on the ballot is very important, a blank ballot can enhance the political influence of . >>> READ MORE ...

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Caller has no Real Chance of Winning, According to the Brooklyn Independent Republicans

Posted on 31 October 2014 by moshe emes

The Brooklyn Independent GOP Fountainhead 2014 Brooklyn GOP Election Roundup — The NYS Assembly Races Edition Thursday, October 30, 2014 For most of us Brooklyn GOPers, this isn’t our first election rodeo   —   But, for many of us, it might be our last roundup  —   Here’s one of the reasons why  —   The quantity and quality of the 2014 GOP County-wide Assembly slate… Things aren’t yet as bad as they seem to be in Queens, where the GOP is . >>> READ MORE ...

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Caller Campaign Desperately Resorting to Lies

Posted on 29 October 2014 by Josh Fallik

Under the Headline “AD48 – Hikind, Caller Tout Support Of Brooklyn Rabbis” ,(, Jacob Kornbluh, a Moshe Friedman flunky, posted on the JP Updates website, a Moshe Friedman production, an item from the Caller Campaign, managed by Moshe Friedman, claiming rabbinic endorsements for Nachamn Caller’s candidacy to the NYS Assembly in the 48th Assembly District. Listed in the article are H’Rav H’Gaon R’ Yechezkel Roth Shlit”a, Gaavad of Karlsburg, and Chavrei B . >>> READ MORE ...

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Breaking: Caller Campaign Unhinged

Posted on 28 October 2014 by admin

Last week a Yiddish weekly newspaper published an analysis of the “Caller Plan” to build in the next four years 2000 units of affordable housing in Borough Park and an additional 2000 units of affordable housing units in Flatbush. The newspaper’s editors researched the matter and interviewed three professionals with extensive experience in real estate development. They are: Chaim Israel – more than 30 years’ experience in real estate development as Director of Housing at the SBCO . >>> READ MORE ...

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Drought at the Brooklyn Independent GOP Fountainhead

Posted on 06 October 2014 by Josh Fallik

The Independent Brooklyn Republicans posted on their Blog-site an article by Galewyn Massey expressing hopefulness that “Nachman Caller’s Run in the 48th A.D. against Dov Hikind might be the best chance that the Brooklyn GOP has of getting a takeaway from the Democrats” Peculiarly, the individual who is inspiring all this optimism is an “annual” candidate, for one office or another, and who has never won a race in his life. Over the years he has been practicing Real Estate Law, pri . >>> READ MORE ...

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Speaker Deal Said to Place David Greenfield in Line for Land Use (Politicker)

Posted on 20 December 2013 by Community Voice NY

The sudden deal for Manhattan Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito’s speaker candidacy is expected to benefit the coalition that unified behind her–especially Brooklyn’s Democratic party. [caption id="attachment_1052" align="alignleft" width="161"] David Greenfield[/caption] Among the beneficiaries may be Brooklyn Councilman David Greenfield, who is said to be in line to be the next chairman of the City Council’s powerful Land Use committee, according to multiple sources close to the negot . >>> READ MORE ...

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Its Happening! “Police Unsure if Random Attacks Are Rising Threat or Urban Myth”

Posted on 26 November 2013 by Community Voice NY

‘Knockout Game’ a Spreading Menace or a Myth? By the NY Times – Joseph Goldstein and J. David Goodman contributed reporting. Fear swept through Borough Park, Brooklyn, as soon as the news got out: A young man was randomly assaulted by strangers early Friday morning, and the attack was possibly part of the so-called Knockout Game. Four men were arrested, but on Friday night only one was charged and the others were released. The attack added to a growing log of reports of such crimes in . >>> READ MORE ...

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Council “Still Trying” to Reduce Speed Limit on City Streets

Posted on 26 November 2013 by moshe emes

By Jill Colvin 11/26 4:03pm The New York City Council hopes to pass legislation that would reduce the speed limit on most residential and side streets to 20 miles per hour, Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced today. “We are actively working on that bill and our goal is to pass it before the end of the year,” Ms. Quinn said during an unrelated press conference this afternoon before the month’s final council meeting. “We’re actively working on it right now.” The bill, introduced . >>> READ MORE ...

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Picking Winners and Losers: David Greenfield and Chaim Deutsch by OrthodoxPundit

Posted on 10 November 2013 by Community Voice NY

[ilink url=""] OrthodoxPundit @OPundit [/ilink] A particular blog released a “real winners & losers” list. An occasional reader may wonder what the “real” stands for. Are all the other stories unreal? But those who frequent these particular lists, will easily realize that this “tradition” isn’t about reporting who actually won and lose in a particular cycle. Rather, it’s about ‘choosing winners and lose . >>> READ MORE ...

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Statement from Republican City Council Candidate Joseph Hayon

Posted on 05 November 2013 by Community Voice NY

Statement from Republican City Council Candidate Joseph Hayon “I find it outrageous that David Greenfield’s campaign fabricated a couple of letters in my name pretending that I was endorsed by community organizations and an elected official so they can then criticize me and allege that I am a “liar”. My campaign would never suggest an endorsement that is not 100% true and accurate. This campaign is about getting out the truth about David Greenfield and his left wing, liberal record to . >>> READ MORE ...

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Vote Bravely vote for your community and for yourself – Vote “JOSEPH HAYON”

Posted on 04 November 2013 by Community Voice NY

Dear Voter. Tomorrow is judgment day for BoroPark, Flatbush and Midwood. >>> VOTE JOSEPH HAYON <<<   Say “NO to David Greenfield”. [caption id="attachment_805" align="alignleft" width="150"] Joseph Hayon[/caption] Greenfield has not advocated for Torah values. Neither has he cared for his small constituents. On the contrary, the record shows that it was Greenfield himself who sent non-Jewish authorities and agencies after other community leaders, unconcerned with their fa . >>> READ MORE ...

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More Than Whom?

Posted on 31 October 2013 by Community Voice NY

[caption id="attachment_790" align="alignleft" width="180"] David Greenfield – More Than Whom?[/caption] A recent ad in a Borough Park–Flatbush shopping circular Greenfield advertised that nobody works harder than David Greenfield. Greenfield: Has more office hours Serves more constituents Brings back more money, and Passes more laws The only ones who can attest to Greenfield’s constituent services are those who have been served by the Greenfield office.  Sadly there aren’t too many . >>> READ MORE ...

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NYC Councilman Slanders Rabbis, Community Leaders

Posted on 27 October 2013 by Community Voice NY

Posted by PeteAppel on October 21, 2013   David Greenfield screams, ‘These People Are All Corrupt!’   It seems NYC Councilman David Greenfield maintains an “enemies list” and he wants everyone to know who they are. While they’re attending shul. Greenfield recently published a brochure in Yiddish, which he had his operative Moshe Friedman hand out in shuls all over Boro Park in Brooklyn on Friday afternoon, right before Shabbos. Among other things, the brochure listed former m . >>> READ MORE ...

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State Senator Ruben Diaz Endorses Joseph Hayon for the NYC Council, 44th District

Posted on 23 October 2013 by Community Voice NY

Submitted by State Senator Rubén Diaz [caption id="attachment_778" align="alignleft" width="180"] Rubén Díaz[/caption] What You Should Know You should know that today, I, State Senator Rubén Diaz, endorsed Joseph Hayon for City Council in Brooklyn.  You Should know that Joseph Hayon is challenging Councilman David Greenfield for the New York City Council.  The district covers the Borough Park, Kensington, and Flatbush neighborhoods. You should know that I am a Democrat, and I am a good Dem . >>> READ MORE ...

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Hayon Vs. Greenfield: Councilmen Should Serve their Constituents, Not Vice Versa

Posted on 18 October 2013 by Community Voice NY

By JP Newsroom In an blistering interview in the Yiddish language newspaper “Di Tzeitung – News Report”, Joseph Hayon the longshot Republican candidate running for city council in the 44th district against councilman David Greenfield, touted his qualifications for the job and hammered Greenfield for not being there enough for the community. He named his experience as a school teacher, a tuition paying father of three, and a customer service specialist for a small business as qualification . >>> READ MORE ...

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Greenfield Standing Firmly on Shifting Ground

Posted on 14 October 2013 by Community Voice NY

Editorial: This past weekend a scathing Yiddish pamphlet was circulated in Borough Park attacking Greenfield on a number of accounts. The title on the cover reads “DAVID GREENFIELD: A FAILURE: A TRAITOR”. Treason Greenfield was called out for his radio interview with Dov Lipman, an Israeli Member of the Keneset from the Yesh Atid Party.  The Yesh Atid Party, under the leadership of Yair Lapid, is a member of the current government and principally responsible for the “Share the Burden” b . >>> READ MORE ...

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Power Outage in Brooklyn

Posted on 11 September 2013 by Community Voice NY

Brooklyn’s self-proclaimed “power broker” is out like a light The election results rolling in last night, amazingly revealed that David Greenfield’s endorsements and support is tantamount to the “kiss of death”   Mayoral Primary While the Republican Primary was no astonishment as Lhota was the expected winner, the Democrat Primaries were astounding.  Greenfield’s darling cohort, and endorsee, Quinn, went from “front runner” to a 16% third place. De Blasio who was in thir . >>> READ MORE ...

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Damn the Community, Full Steam Ahead

Posted on 29 August 2013 by Community Voice NY

Greenfield Once Again Sacrificing Community Interests for Political Expediency Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead (Rear Admiral David G. Farragut, Battle of Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864)  Part 3 The NYC Council Primary Race in the 48th Council District is a case study in the topic at hand, Greenfield’s betrayal of his own community. As we’ve discussed earlier, Greenfield was an enthusiastic participant in the geographic dismemberment and political butchery of the Orthodox Jewish Communitie . >>> READ MORE ...

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