Damn the Community, Full Steam Ahead

Posted on 23 August 2013 by Community Voice NY

Greenfield Once Again Sacrificing Community Interests for Political Expediency

Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead
(Rear Admiral David G Farragut, Battle of Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864)
Part One

Greenfield once again shows his total and complete disregard for the 44th Council District he represents and the Orthodox Jewish Community he is from.

This year’s NYC primary race and elections are extremely important to the NYC voters as it will determine the future direction of a post Bloomberg New York.  At stake are the executive offices as well as the composition of the legislative house and its leadership.
The Orthodox Jewish Communities within the City limits will be judged by their voter turnout and success in influencing the election results. During the Bloomberg reign, the Orthodox Jewish Community has had very little, if any, positive interaction with the Bloomberg Administration or the Quinn City Council. Greenfield, representing the neighborhoods of Borough Park and Flatbush, could have been the catalyst to bridge that gap, but he was MIA or AWOL.

His positions and actions in the redistricting process was diametric to the interest of the Orthodox Jewish Community. It resulted in the watering down of the voting power of the Orthodox Jewish Neighborhoods as they have been sliced and diced into multiple districts leaving all of the Orthodox Jewish voters in all of Brooklyn an insignificant minority for the next ten years, in all but one Council District, and one NYS Senatorial District, Boro Park.
Greenfield supported, advocated, and voted for the new district map, and gleefully tweeted after the new district lines were made official “We finally have a Russian district”. Sad, but true, that the Orthodox Jewish representative in the NYC Council was so cheerful of the political butchery of his own community.
Why would the only Orthodox Jewish Councilman in Brooklyn do such a dastardly deed?  He did it for political expediency.  He served his masters and cronies: Speaker, Christine Quinn; the late Democrat County Chairman, Vito Lopez; and, NYC Council Chairman of the Finance Committee Domenic Recchia, as these political brokers have the capability of making his next ambition a reality.   His next ambition is to wield yet more power and influence by becoming chairman of the powerful NYC Council Finance Committee.

In order to line up support within the NYC Council, Greenfield is backing candidates far and wide in varied districts throughout Brooklyn, buying allegiances from members in the council, and some of those are quite remarkable.
In a series of posts we will review each of them.

Damn the Community, full steam ahead

(to be continued)


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