Damn the Community, Full Steam Ahead

Posted on 29 August 2013 by Community Voice NY

Greenfield Once Again Sacrificing Community Interests for Political Expediency

Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead
(Rear Admiral David G. Farragut, Battle of Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864)
 Part 3

The NYC Council Primary Race in the 48th Council District is a case study in the topic at hand, Greenfield’s betrayal of his own community.
As we’ve discussed earlier, Greenfield was an enthusiastic participant in the geographic dismemberment and political butchery of the Orthodox Jewish Communities in Brooklyn, in order to curry favor with Recchia who had to pay off a political debt by creating a “Russian District.  A chunk of Flatbush is now lumped together with Brighton Beach and Sheapshead Bay.

The resulting democrat Primary race in the new district is lining up as follows:
Chaim Deutsch, a member of the Orthodox Jewish Community
Arkady Kagan, and Igor Oberman, members of the Russian Community, and
Theresa Scavo, a member of Italian Catholic Community.

While the Orthodox Jewish Community is supporting Chaim Deutsch, Greenfield, very characteristically, is supporting Arkady Kagan, the candidate who has the endorsement and support of the United Federation of Teachers, and who doesn’t support school choice or government assistance for parents with children in Yeshivas and private schools.
Unlike Igor Oberman, Kagan underwent a “name change” before entering the race for the 48th Council District in order to appeal to the Orthodox Jewish Community. Arkady became Ari.
While Arkady has denied it, many in the Russian Community view Arkady’s Russian background with much suspicion that he had ties with the Soviet KGB, when he was a military journalist in the Soviet Union during its closing years. He attended the Lvov Higher Military Political School – one of the leading educational institutions of military education of the Soviet Ministry of Defense. The school carried out the training of officers in the field, “cultural and educational work” and “war journalism” of the armed forces of the USSR.  After graduation he was assigned the rank of lieutenant. Est hoc vobis, Ari?

Theresa Scavo, Chairperson of NYC Community Board #15, was encouraged by Greenfield to enter the race in order to dilute the votes of non-Russian Community thus improving the chances for Arkady Kagan’s victory.

Community Boards, over the past fifteen years, have morphed into corrupt fiefdoms of the local councilmen. Members are appointed by the Borough President’s office that follows the dictates of the relevant councilmen in the district, based solely upon political consideration rather that expertise, experience or community interests.
It is therefore no surprise that Scavo is still chairing the CB#15 despite the approved and recorded by-laws of the board.  In 1991 the then members of CB#15, being concerned over corruption and even the appearance of impropriety, passed the following resolution to amend the by-laws of the Board, “In order to obviate any negative circumstance, real or imagined, no officer seeking election to public or party office, where the district lines of the office sought would be either wholly, or in part, within the district lines of CB # 15, would be permitted to remain as an officer of CB # 15 once they announce their intention to run for such public or party office.  The individual could remain as a member of CB # 15, but could not retain a position of authority whereby any improprieties or illegalities could be imagined, or worse, actually occur” This Motion was passed in early 1991. This amendment is still legally binding, and Scavo is still chairing Community Board #15.  The “good” councilman is seeing to it that she remain chairperson as she is serving his political interests.

In 2009 Kagan served as Vice President of the Sheepshead Bay’s Jewish Holocaust Memorial Park at the time when non-Jewish memorials were permanently placed in the park for homosexuals, Gypsies, and other non-Jewish Nazi victims.

“There’s no doubt that most of the atrocities at the Holocaust were done upon Jewish people,” said Council Speaker Christine Quinn. “But it goes against history and their memory not to commemorate all groups that were persecuted by the Nazis.”

“The Holocaust memorial means you memorialize anyone who died in the Holocaust,” said Theresa Scavo, president of Community Board #15, who lobbied for the additional recognition. “It doesn’t matter what color or sexual orientation you were.”

These are the candidates Greenfield is supporting and associated with.

Damn the community, full steam ahead.

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