Damn the community, full steam ahead

Posted on 03 September 2013 by Community Voice NY

Greenfield Once Again Sacrificing Community Interests for Political Expediency

Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead
(Rear Admiral David G Farragut, Battle of Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864)

Part 4

It was only a year ago that Hurricane Sandy struck New York City. Many shore communities in the city were utterly devastated.
The Red Hook Neighborhood located on the West shore of Brooklyn was one of those unfortunate areas which was badly damaged, and many property owners, small businesses, and institutions were desperate to get financial assistance from their insurance carriers, FEMA, other funding sources to make repairs, rebuild, and get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

One of the first doors to knock on was the office their local representative in the New York City Council 38th District, Sara Gonzalez.  This writer interviewed a number of neighborhood residents who are still waiting for her office to return their call.  She was MIA.  She did re-appear again in the neighborhood when her re-election campaign went into full swing.

Ironically, she is attempting to tag her opponent, Carlos Manchaca, as an outsider and not worthy of neighborhood support. The undeniable fact is that Carlos has spent more time and effort in the district in a very brief period of time than Sara did during her entire tenure in public office.

Should Gonzalez win her re-election bid she will be one of the senior ranking members in the City Council, and it should not come as a surprise to anyone that Greenfield is supporting her bid for re-election as a political courtship to get her support for his bid to political Nirvana, the prized appointment to the chairmanship of the NYC Council Finance Committee.

It is also noteworthy that the re-zoning of the Maple Lanes bowling alley property, on 60th St Brooklyn, NY, which falls within Gonzalez’ district was supported and marshaled through the re-zoning process by Gonzalez jointly and in concert with Greenfield, WITHOUT an inclusionary affordable housing component, despite the fact that the Borough Park neighborhood is in dire need of more such housing.

Damn the community, full steam ahead.

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