De Blasio arrested at hospital protest: ‘Tell us how we can save Long Island College Hospital’

Posted on 11 July 2013 by Community Voice NY

Last Updated: 12:23 PM, July 10, 2013

Posted: 12:19 PM, July 10, 2013

Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio was cuffed this morning while protesting the  closure of two local hospitals.”We have to stop our hospital from foreclosing,” de Blasio shouted as he was  loaded into a paddy wagon, his hands cuffed with zip-ties, along with Council  Member Stephen Levin and about a dozen others as a crowd of a hundred workers,  patients and community members chanted beside them.

Moments earlier, Levin turned in a petition with 7,000 signatures to Leydi  Zapata, SUNY’s Director for Strategic Engagement and Branding, outside the  doorway the college of Optometry.

“We urge SUNY to fully comply with the letter of the law and court orders.  Take those ambulances off this dangerous diversion and fully re-staff and  reinstate SUNY.”

De Blasio demanded SUNY “open up the books and tell us what’s going on and  tell us who can save Long Island College Hospital?

“Can you tell us right now that SUNY will stop sell off assets of Long Island  College Hospital? Because right now we’re losing this hospital as we speak.

“If you can’t tell us that we aren’t going anywhere.”

Zapata responded, “No comment,” leading De Blasio to trumpet, “We’re going to  stand our ground because all SUNY is telling us is they have nothing to  say.”

Cops gave two warnings over a megaphone before arresting the group that was  block an entrance to the building.

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