Drought at the Brooklyn Independent GOP Fountainhead

Posted on 06 October 2014 by Josh Fallik

The Independent Brooklyn Republicans posted on their Blog-site an article by Galewyn Massey expressing hopefulness that “Nachman Caller’s Run in the 48th A.D. against Dov Hikind might be the best chance that the Brooklyn GOP has of getting a takeaway from the Democrats”

DroughtPeculiarly, the individual who is inspiring all this optimism is an “annual” candidate, for one office or another, and who has never won a race in his life.

Over the years he has been practicing Real Estate Law, principally, co-op and condo conversions.   Mr. Caller doesn’t have a history or a record of community, service or involvement, to brag about. In his entire lengthy career he hasn’t developed or built a single housing unit or created jobs or even participated in any community service organizations, and not because of a dearth of such organizations in the 48th Assembly District, and yet he “promises housing and jobs”.

Amusingly, he is hyping a “Plan to Build 2,000 Housing Units in Four Years” without any details as to the location or affordability, or how the NYS Assembly can deliver, or assist in, such a plan. This appears to be, simply, an empty campaign promise, designed to deceive the voters in the district once again as did David Greenfield during his most recent race for the NYC Council when he ballyhooed a plan for affordable housing at the District #12 Sanitation Depot on 19th Avenue. The Department of Sanitation of New York still occupies that property, and with the generous member item funding by David Greenfield.

Mr. Caller is also boasting of his efforts to stop the casino development projects in the Catskills region. While his position against gambling and its proximity to his extended constituency, is commendable, however, the success of such an undertaking is highly doubtful. In the opinion of this writer, Caller and his campaign manager Moshe Friedman are quite conscious of the folly and fraud of this undertaking, however, Friedman isn’t known to be one who would ever shy away from fraud.

The “Promise of a Big Campaign” can safely be construed as the “Promise of the Big Lie”. All the articles and pronouncements in, and by, JP Updates, Jacob Kornbluh, Hank Sheinkopf, Yeshiva World News, can’t paper over the glaring blemishes and flaws of the Caller candidacy.

The Independent GOP Fountainhead must be extremely skeptical about the prospects of victorious Republican candidates in the rest of Kings County that they’re tagging Caller as the “best chance” for the Republican Party.

At the Fountainhead – Drought

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