Greenfield Hosts 48th Candidates’ Debate between Scavo and Kagan

Posted on 01 August 2013 by Community Voice NY

In his last week’s radio program David Greenfield hosted the debate between Kagan and Scavo, candidate for the 48th NYC Council District.

It was quite uncanny of Greenfield to question the two hopefuls about the focus of their race to the NYC Council and their ambitions and plans of accomplishments in office.  Greenfield has a paltry record of accomplishments since he took office.  His record of accomplishments stands starkly in juxtaposition with that of his colleagues in elected office.  The informed public isn’t fooled by his pile of self-espousing press releases of alleged achievements.

Many have suggested that he has delivered more to his Dem masters and controllers, (the late) Lopez, Quinn and Recchia, then he did for his district.  Yes, Quinn and Recchia were the authors of the newly formed City Council Districts in which the Orthodox Jewish communities in the southern layer of Brooklyn were divided in SEVEN separate districts, thus watering down the political viability. The rationale for diluting the Orthodox Jewish Communities of Brooklyn was to:  a) give the Russian ethnic community a district with an opportunity to elect their council representative; and, b) to give Lopez a “safe district”.  It was only after the media turned the lights on, that roaches scurried for cover, and the district was “modified” to jettison the Lopez gambit.

Many community activists proposed to have the Orthodox Communities consolidated in as few council districts as possible, within Federal and City guidelines.  According to their schemes the Orthodox Jewish communities could have had an opportunity to influence the election in least THREE, perhaps FOUR NYC Council Districts.   What did Boro Park’s Orthodox Jewish representative in the NYC Council do?  David Greenfield supported and voted for the political decimation of the Orthodox Jewish communities.  Why? Because he is a Quinn loyalist and Recchia crony — Quinn and Recchia rank higher in his priorities then his own people.

Greenfield also advocated against his own constituency during the re-districting of congressional and NYS Senatorial boundaries.

The Orthodox Jewish Community put forth a plan to consolidate the southern section of Brooklyn in one congressional district thus empowering the Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods therein giving them a greater measure of influence in a congressional race.  Greenfiled testified before the commission against this proposal, justifying the status quo by arguing that the Orthodox Jewish community of the upper West Side in Manhattan should be in one and the same district as Borough Park, Brooklyn.   The reasoning escapes many, but the commission accepted it (as did Jerry Nadler, a resident of the West Side and Congressman of the district). CVNY asserts that it is a Shanda that the largest Orthodox Jewish concentration in the world, outside of Israel, remains with ZERO opportunity to influence a congressional race.

Greenfield spoke out against the NYS Senatorial “Super Jewish” District as well, preposterously referring to it as the “Jewish Ghetto”.  Fortunately, NYS Senator Dean Skalos had more concern for Orthodox Jewish political interest then did Greenfield, and the matter was sealed.  It was only after Simcha Felder announced his candidacy for the “Super Jewish” State Senatorial District that Greenfield endorsed it by tagging Simcha a “Super Jew” and is deserving of representing the “Super Jewish district.

It is quite it bizarre that Greenfield even raised that re-districting issue in his radio debate.

Greenfield, as debate moderator, raised the issue of affordable education and smugly queried these first-time hopefuls as to their respective position on the matter.   Affordable education and support for parents of children attending private school is a painful story as many private schools and their parent bodies are struggling keep afloat.  During his tenure in office, Greenfield hasn’t accomplished a single iota towards any sort of resolution.

Greenfield also brought up the issue of the struggling mom and pop shops across the city who are struggling to keep up with the NYC enforcement agents. During his tenure in the NYC Council did he do anything to curtail the unfair and onerous fines and penalties (legal pickpocketing) against homeowners, shopkeepers, and motorists?

This listener found the entire debate weird that Greenfield brought attention to his own lack of accomplishments in office these past three years.

Truthfully, Does he deserve your vote for another term?

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