Greenfield Standing Firmly on Shifting Ground

Posted on 14 October 2013 by Community Voice NY


This past weekend a scathing Yiddish pamphlet was circulated in Borough Park attacking Greenfield on a number of accounts. The title on the cover reads “DAVID GREENFIELD: A FAILURE: A TRAITOR”.

Greenfield was called out for his radio interview with Dov Lipman, an Israeli Member of the Keneset from the Yesh Atid Party.  The Yesh Atid Party, under the leadership of Yair Lapid, is a member of the current government and principally responsible for the “Share the Burden” bill which mandates Charedi conscription and the disproportionate budget slashing adversely impacting on the welfare of large families and the viability of Charedi schools and Yeshivas.  Needless to say Dov Lipman is not a popular figure in the Charedi community and should not have been given a platform, and tacit support, on a radio show hosted by a “Charedi” councilman, representing essentially a Charedi community.


The pamphlet continues on to the MBP issue, attacking Greenfield of cynicism in regard to issues near and dear to his constituency.
The Bloomberg Administration had issued a regulation requiring Mohalim to obtain evidence of informed consent from the parents prior to a MBP Bris.  The Charedi community is convinced that this is an incremental move to regulate, or even ban, this ancient ritual representing a serious and unprecedented intrusion of government into religious practices.  In more than a year since the this regulation was instituted by the city Greenfield was merely paying lip service to this matter. Then, a few weeks ago, mere days before he is up for re-election, Greenfield issued a noisy press release announcing his sponsorship of a bill in the city council to overturn this city regulation.  This bill, according to the pundits in city hall, is going nowhere but into the waste basket. This is a very transparent and cynical, political ploy to garner votes in his district which is beginning to wake up to his the reality of the Greenfield “Press Releases”.


State Senator Felder consulted his Rabbinic authority whether he is obligated to stay in Albany over Shabbos to vote against a abortion bill. He was advised that he is obligated to do so.  A similar bill came before the NYC Council and Greenfield failed to consult with a Halachic authority and voted in support of this bill.  This suggests nothing less than his utter contempt for Halachah and the Rabbis.


When Greenfield ran the last time he made promises to restore Child Care Priority 7 Vouchers.  He also promised to deliver School Transportation Vouchers.   Both issues are of great concern to the Yeshiva parents in the district who are struggling with exorbitant costs of educating their large families. He failed to deliver on both counts. Greenfield jeopardized his relationship with the NYC administration by attacking the mayor after the crippling blizzard a few years ago in order get a few moments of cheap publicity, all at the expense of his own constituents.  This is matter of very poor judgment. Ironically, State Senator Simcha Felder delivered NYS assistance, and forced the city of NY make public schools bus service available for Yeshivas.

Traditionally, the Community Board was an area of broad cooperation amongst the various factions and ethnic communities within the district.  The issues which regularly come before the community board include all of the city services including zoning and building variances. For selfish and political consideration Greenfield appointed to the board, with the assent of the Borough President, counter effective political hacks along with individuals who were instrumental in killing a Shul project on 60th Street. He installed them in chairmanship and leadership positions rendering the board totally ineffective and counterproductive.

In his blind jealousy of Hikind, Greenfield “leaked” to the media a photo of Hikind in a Purim get-up insinuating racism in an innocent Jewish tradition of Purim revelry.  It backfired (V’Nahapoch Hu) as Hikind’s black colleagues came to his defense as they know that Hikind doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.  This revealed a serious flaw in Greenfield’s character as he has much disdain for revered Jewish religious tradition, and all follows in import his own ego and interests.

The voters in the 44th Council District are seriously considering dumping Greenfield and relegating him the political trash pile.

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  1. Boro Parker Says:

    Why is it that all the web sites in our community are ready to attack good people every chance possible. But, have no guts when it comes to an evil morally corrupt elected official that doesn’t care for the Jews in his district but is always there for the church on 20th Ave…Why is it only and your blog reporting the truth? what a bunch of gutless hypocrites!!!

  2. Unorthodox Yidden Says:

    Mr. Boro Parker. You obviously don’t know anything about blogs. The seven blogs below have been calling out Greenfield for the past six months.

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