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pinoccioDov Gordon (DG) is baaaaaaack!


In a September 10, 2014 posting JPUPDATES reported the resulting winners and losers of the various races in the NYS Primary Day elections.

An examination of whom the author considers a winner or loser speaks volumes of their ignorance and intellectual dishonesty.
Let’s analyze it name by name.


Listed “Winners”


Kathy Hochul – Is a winner, as she won the race despite a massive effort by the “progressives” to elect Wu.


Zephyr Teachout – Is a loser as she lost the elections. JPUPDATES lacks the grit and honesty to categorize Governor Cuomo as a loser for the reason stated for Teachout.


The Orthodox Jewish Political Club – Losers from the word GO.  In a GOTV article, JPUPDATES reports that OJPT (a David Greenfield creation) is conducting a massive GOTV effort in the Borough Park neighborhood. “Posters are being hung (illegally) on every street lamppost” urging voters to turn out a BLOCK VOTE.  In a pamphlet being distributed, OJPT even invokes Hashem. The last time I checked with my Rabbi he informed me that Hashem is apolitical.

Their stated goal was to turn out at least 10,000 voters in an area which has 50,000 eligible voters. Certainly a commendable undertaking.
Results? Less than 2,500 voters turned out. One would be hard pressed to classify this bunch as winners.
This massive effort and cost has a silver lining, though.    Moshe Friedman, a David Greenfield stooge, made a few extra bucks.


Satmar – Undeniably winners, but for different reasons.   The Satmar communities would be able to accomplish for their communities ten-fold if they worked hand-in-hand. Foolishly they splinter and fracture themselves to their own detriment.   And this primary race proves it.



David Greenfield – This guy is a loser who’s political influence is over projected but, nevertheless, is super-glued in the winners’ column.   Last year he won his council seat 80-20 against an absolute unknown candidate, and lost most of his political initiatives and allies, managing to hang on by his finger-nails in a last minute back-room deal.   His OJPC has failed by every measure in their GOTV campaign.


Frank Seddio – This fellow is historically the weakest Kings County Chairman the Democrat Party ever had. Winner? Certainly not.


Eric Adams – is a winner as he got Jesse Hamilton elected. So is Jesse Hamilton a winner.




Listed “Losers”

Bill de Blasio – Definitely a winner JPUPDATES correctly acknowledges the de Blasio stunning victory. They don’t acknowledge the fact that the NYC Council is now controlled by the progressives, de Blasio allies, and they will be in control for the next seven years. The progressives were looking to extend their gains from last year to the state level, and that failed. However, Brooklyn is hardly in the progressive camp.


Orthodox Jewish Progskanim – This entry is totally inarticulate, unintelligible, and meaningless, but that doesn’t surprise me as the author of this JPUPDATES posting never graduated High School.


Upstate Orthodox Jewish Community – Unquestionably losers as they failed to bring in their own candidate and shorting him with a mere 100 ballots


Carlos Menchaca – A loser. While he successfully ousted last year Sara Gonzales, an incumbent, against all odds. Amateurishly, he endorsed Zuniga, against Felix Ortiz, a Hikind ally forgetting that it was Hikind who was influential in getting him the pivotal Borough Park votes last year.  I trust that he will be more thoughtful in the future, navigating the rapids of Brooklyn politics.


Dov Hikind – Definitely a winner. His influence in the NYS Assembly is legendary, and his close and friendly relationship with the NYC Mayor is remarkable. Election after election he gets his allies into office, and yet, he is constantly pinned in the “losers” column. To juxtaposition Dov Hikind with David Greenfield who currently occupies the mayor’s dog house, is laughable.



This JPUPDATES article is very reminiscent of Dov Gorden’s notorious pieces in the Yeshiva World News.  It fails the truth by a score of 42%.

Is Dov Gorden back?
I believe he is.

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