More Than Whom?

Posted on 31 October 2013 by Community Voice NY

David Greenfield - More Than Whom?

David Greenfield – More Than Whom?

A recent ad in a Borough Park–Flatbush shopping circular Greenfield advertised that nobody works harder than David Greenfield.

Has more office hours
Serves more constituents
Brings back more money, and
Passes more laws

The only ones who can attest to Greenfield’s constituent services are those who have been served by the Greenfield office.  Sadly there aren’t too many.  The few who imprudently attempted to get assistance from the Greenfield staff came away with dismaying results.

Constituent Services:
An Esrog dealer needed assistance in getting a permit from the NYC Department of Transportation for a curbside trailer.  Very innocently, he sought the assistance of his local councilman, Greenfield, whose office staff very politely took his information and assured him that the councilman will intervene to get him his permit in time for Sukkos. Sadly it was nothing more than false assurances and hope.  After a few weeks of unreturned follow up phone calls the dealer in panic of losing his business opportunity turned, to a community activist who was successful in getting the permit issued in a matter of days.  Shockingly, they were informed by the government authorities that they were never contacted by the local councilman in regard to the curbside trailer.
The Cheider, in Borough Park, which got entangled in city bureaucratic red tape regarding the lunches for the children, sought the assistance of the Councilman Greenfield.  Typically, they were yanked along for a month with deceitful promises.  Eventually, the matter was resolved by a local activist with the assistance of a councilman from another district.

Where is the Beef?
Greenfield’s boast about bringing back more money is very baffling.  Last year’s NYC budget lists, amongst other things, individual council member items.  Greenfield’s choice of organizations and their levels of funding are very telling as to where his priorities rest. Below is just a partial listing of Greenfield’s “most favorite” charities.

Chinese American Association


St Athanasius




TogetherWe Are


St Rasalia – Regina Pacis


American Ballroom Theater




Wildlife Conservation


Agudath Israel




Brooklyn Housing for the Homeless


Council of People’s Org


Shmaa Kolainu


Choices Inc


COJO of Flatbush


Kingsboro College




Parkville Youth


Transit Museum


Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Brooklyn Children Museum


Holy Spirit Church


Brooklyn Aquarium


First Chemomorets, Soccer Uniforms


Folksbiene Yiddish Theater


Holocaust Survivors


Urban Justice Center


Reach for the Stars


Be Proud


Big Apples Greeter


Legal Assistance Groups


New York Board of Rabbis



Legislative Action:

As to the laws Greenfield passed one must question what value his legislative action it is to the Orthodox Jewish Community.  The bills he endorsed include late term abortion and gay rights.  He also introduced a bill in supports of Metzitza B’Pe just before the political season. The timing of this bill suggests that it was marely a cynical ploy for votes in the Orthodox Jewish Community. It appears that he is a Tzayad B’Pe on Metzitza B’Pe.


Office Hours:

The constituents of the 44th Council District wouldn’t mind if he reduced his office hours or even closed it altogether, as the services he has to offer are sadly highly over stated.


The advertisement in the Boro Park-Flatbush Community News is all TRUE if the Greenfield’s juxtaposition is with the FLY BY NIGHT AIRLINES.

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