Newly Fallen Snow and Pepper Spray

Posted on 13 May 2013 by Community Voice NY

The Brooklyn Independent GOP Fountainhead


Pure as the newly fallen snow… That’s how “some people” look at their “friends” and allies in politics…  Maybe, that’s how “some people” see Democrat-Conservative David Greenfield…

Thanks to a few Orthodox Jewish bloggers  —  already,  there are more and more footprints in the once-clean snowy patch that was City Councilman David Greenfield  —  Now, one of those bloggers is even trying to turn the once snowy-white Greenfield into a huge dirty snow angel of old slush by using the arm-flapping, mud-splattered  Moshe Friedman as a huge slushy angel-maker

For Brooklyn Republicans, the Jewish parts of Borough Park have long been terra incognita; and since that neighborhood has become almost completely Orthodox by various definitions, it largely remains virgin territory for the GOP.

Several years ago nobody in the GOP covered themselves with glory with the shenanigans involving the special election in the 44th Council District. And for whatever they got out of it, the Conservative Party and State Senator Marty Golden wound up on the winning side behind Democrat David Greenfield  —  where they are ensconced to this day.   —  BUT !  —  That was then and this is now.

There is a buzz that Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP organization and a few Orthodox Jewish activists are in the final stages of selecting a consensus GOP candidate to take a run at the Cons-emocrat Dem-ervative Councilman Greenfield. Whoever that candidate turns out to be, that person will get the benefit of a couple or a few blogs, among whose social conservative missions is the dismantling of Councilman David Greenfield’s un-earned reputation as a social conservative.

Right now, one of those blogs stands out from all the rest; because “Nobody does it better….” Perhaps that is because it’s the immediately most threatening thing happening to Councilman David Greenfield, and it’s happening right now. Before his eyes, he’s seeing his good name in his home base in Borough Park drop like the glittery ball in Times Square at 11:59 PM on December 31st.

This outstanding new voice in the Orthodox Jewish Community is a new aerosol of blogging mace called  “Unorthodox Yidden” []. It is an obviously socially conservative Orthodox Jewish blog that pulls no punches; is unashamedly anti-status quo; and whose title clearly refers to the status and/or category in which it sees its targets and chooses to portray them to the public. Obviously, David Greenfield is a person who the host blogger of “Unorthodox Yidden” sees as a clearly unorthodox character in word, deed and motivation.

Here are some recent peppery posts that have popped up on “Unorthodox Yidden” that will give the uninitiated a flavor of what goes on at that site vis-a-vis  the “Honorable” David Greenfield: “Guilty! Unorthodox Moshe Friedman Plays the David Greenfield Game (Updated)” 5/9/13 [];
“Unorthodox David Greenfield Plays Ring Around the Mayoral Race!” 5/8/13 []; and “Unorthodox David Greenfield Impersonates on This Blog” 5/7/13 []. (For those who don’t know, Moshe Friedman is a “paid operator” of sorts who plays the Democrat and Republican “ends” against some undefined “middle”; ostensibly on behalf of Democrat-turned-Republican Nachman Caller. Recently, some have said that Mr. Friedman seems to hand out checks willy-nilly, or at least one that they’re sure of. — GM)

Among the “some people” who will soon be very unhappy about all of this is the Kings County Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar, or as he is often called, “Jerry” by friend and foe alike, and most especially fiendish friends. For some not so clear reasons “Jerry,” has long been a super-strong supporter of David Greenfield and is a charter member of the “blogs don’t matter” crowd. Although he should have learned by now that some blogs and bloggers do matter  —  if he hasn’t yet reached that level of enlightenment  —  “Unorthodox Yidden” will soon be getting Kassar’s very welcome but probably unwelcoming attention. As that blog’s electronic mixture of fine capsicum fills David Greenfield’s eyes, ears, nose and throat, it will be Jerry Kassar, the so-called conservative chairman who will quickly feel the stinging in his eyes, the tears running down his face and soon after that the choking in his throat. All of that, falling so hard on his staunch and unquestioning support for Greenfield, should happen so fast that Kassar will think and hope that he’s only having an intuition or dream of things that are yet to come, but Jerry Kassar will soon find out there are no “Christmas Carols” in Borough Park.

Another of the less-than-happy “some people” might be GOP-Conservative State Senator Martin Golden, Jerry Kassar’s boss and the principal beneficiary not named Greenfield of the deal(s) that put and keep David Greenfield in his Council seat unchallenged.  State Senator Golden likes to keep his dealings with any Jews at arms length and clearly defined by agents, fund raisers and other intermediaries. As a result, he will only find out about all of this from underlings and advisers who can translate things from Yiddish and Hebrew into English, and then even more important, from English into Bay Ridge Irish-American. Given all that involves, Golden might well remain happily unaware of any of this, no matter how it turns out.

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