NYC Councilman Slanders Rabbis, Community Leaders

Posted on 27 October 2013 by Community Voice NY

Posted by on October 21, 2013  

David Greenfield screams, ‘These People Are All Corrupt!’


It seems NYC Councilman David Greenfield maintains an “enemies list” and he wants everyone to know who they are. While they’re attending shul.

sc2-300x225Greenfield recently published a brochure in Yiddish, which he had his operative Moshe Friedman hand out in shuls all over Boro Park in Brooklyn on Friday afternoon, right before Shabbos. Among other things, the brochure listed former members of Community Board 12 who Greenfield called “corrupt”. The list included:

  • Chaim Israel, who works for SBCO aiding the less fortunate in Boro Park with low-income housing needs
  • Martin Katz of Yeshiva Torah Vodass
  • Rabbi Edgar Gluck, a respected elder rabbi in Boro Park
  • Larry Jason, who has dedicated his life to helping tenants (Brooklyn Tenants Association)
  • Alan Dubrow, a long-standing Boro Park community activist and former chairman of the Community Board
  • Josh Weinstein, a founder of Shema Kolanu and respected member of the community who’s life work is helping autistic children
  • Rabbi Shlomo Braun, founder of the Aleh Foundation, which helps handicapped children
  • Yossie Rieder, who is active in Agudath Israel of America
  • Rabbi Tzvi Englard, an administrator at Yeshiva Ateret Torah
  • Eliezer Rosman, a Hatzolah coordinator in Boro Park responsible for saving countless lives

“Corrupt” Greenfield calls them.

What were these men’s crimes of corruption? And why did Greenfield besmirch them all in writing for thousands to see? “They voted against Greenfield when he first attempted to install his puppet Yiddel Perlstein,” said a community member. “Greenfield has systematically replaced Orthodox Jewish board members with people like Anna Cali, Vincent Fiordimondo and Lily Marinelli—all members of Monsignor Casado’s parish.” Why? “Greenfield owes them,” the Boro Park resident lamented.

For more on Greenfield’s history, visit this link. To see Greenfield’s original attack on Boro Park rabbis and community leaders visit this link.  

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  1. Brooklyn democrat Says:

    I heard from greenfield the opposite about the board members, how amazingly they all work together

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