Picking Winners and Losers: David Greenfield and Chaim Deutsch by OrthodoxPundit

Posted on 10 November 2013 by Community Voice NY

Winners Losers OrthodoxPundit @OPundit A particular blog released a “real winners & losers” list. An occasional reader may wonder what the “real” stands for. Are all the other stories unreal? But those who frequent these particular lists, will easily realize that this “tradition” isn’t about reporting who actually won and lose in a particular cycle. Rather, it’s about ‘choosing winners and losers.’ For instance, there are two particular names that you know in which column they will end up, regardless of the results. Other names will lend in the column based on some short term interests. I, for one, never published such a list. Readers asked me for such lists, and others sent me suggestions, but I never got into this business. The reason: most of the times everyone with vested interests has wins and losses, and you can magnify whichever you want to paint your own picture. Sometimes, as in this particular list, the spins are really absurd. Let’s walk through several of them in a series of 2 posts. Here is the first:
David Greenfield  Anyone reading this list several times knows that this one is set in stone. David Greenfield is always a winner (as is Dov Hikind a loser), and in the rare occasions he’s not, at least his former group or staffer makes the list.
Here is part of the reason why he won now:
“David Greenfield – Greenfield’s few enemies banded together in a shockingly dirty effort to defeat him. They found the perfect candidate – one who would be happy to spread any lies they asked him to spread and bankrolled his effort with over $100,000. Not only did they fail, they actually excited Greenfield’s supporters giving Greenfield the largest margin of victory of any candidate last night – a whopping 83%!”
Wow, David won against a serial loser. I mean, we all thought he’s losing… Yes, he fared strong, but this wasn’t surprising. He basically held to his ground. I’d call this a draw. And he had “the largest margin of victory of any candidate last night – a whopping 83%!” Largest of whom? Brad Lander, Carlos Manchaca running the first time, Steven Levin, all won much stronger – with over 90 percent.

And here is the cream of the cake:

“Bonus: Greenfield was the first frum politician to endorse Chaim Deutsch – first on his radio show and then in an op-ed he penned Monday for Hamodia.” Whoever followed this race saw the overt obstacles that Greenfield was placing to the Deutsch candidacy, out of wanting to be the only Orthodox council-member or for some other reason. Here are some examples:

* Those fighting that Orthodox portions of the district shouldn’t be sliced and diced blamed Greenfield for torpedoing their effort, while the above-mentioned “real” blog tried to shift the blame on the Aguda;

* On July 18, Geenfield lashed out against Chaim Deutch on his radio show for allegedly chickening out of a debate on his show, saying that while he’d endorse him for leading the community safety patrol… since he doesn’t want to debate the issues, “I lost a lot of respect for him… If you cannot come on the air, you really should not be elected to any office in this land.”

* Afterwards Greenfield refused to endorse Chaim Detuch in the primary.

* The PAC believed to do Greenfield’s bidding supported Ari Kagan against Chaim Deutsch;
* Jacob Kornbnluh – who is believed to follow Greenfield’s orders declared Scavo the “frontrunner” in the primary, in a laughable report clearly aimed at splitting the non-Russian vote in order to defeat Deutsch (he didn’t say in the headline it’s for “real”, so maybe this doesn’t count…).
* While reluctantly endorsing Deutsch (if we can call this vague language an endorsement), the Sephardic Community Federation, once chaired by Greenfield and it is widely believed that he still calls the shots there, endorsed Deutsch’s opponent David Storobin.
* YWN – the site that has a close relationship with Greenfield for years – reported an endorsement for Storobin by a previous unknown group, and a response by a second unknown group, in what it seems to be an attempt to confuse voters or ridicule the newly-minted but powerful FJCC which supported Deutsch.
And the list goes on.
To declare Greenfield winner in this race, couldn’t be further from the truth, and it shows that it is all wishful thinking and pushing agendas.

Bottom Line: David Greenfield, the “real” list author and the blog hosting him, are clear losers in #CD48 Bonus: Greenfield and Thompson Fallout Talking of Greenfield, he went down very low during the primary in attacking Ken Thompson. While he subsequently endorsed him, it’s far from certain that Mr. Thompson – and his powerful supporters, Hakeem Jeffries and co., the new powers in town – forgave him for the personal attacks, especially given the reports that his staffer later placed the racist Yiddish ads against Hynes. This is suspended for further clarification, but it may become more interesting… This may well come back to haunt Greenfield when trying to assemble the necessary votes for the plum position he angles for in city council. Other factors that may work against him, are: he will no longer be the only standard bearer of the Orthodox community in council; his attacks on Mr. de Blasio during the primaries; his fight with the progressive caucus in the 38th Council district race.   http://orthodoxpundit.blogspot.com/2013/11/picking-winners-and-losers-david.html orthodoxpundit@gmail.com

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