Power Outage in Brooklyn

Posted on 11 September 2013 by Community Voice NY

Brooklyn’s self-proclaimed “power broker” is out like a light

The election results rolling in last night, amazingly revealed that David Greenfield’s endorsements and support is tantamount to the “kiss of death”


Mayoral Primary

  • While the Republican Primary was no astonishment as Lhota was the expected winner, the Democrat Primaries were astounding.  Greenfield’s darling cohort, and endorsee, Quinn, went from “front runner” to a 16% third place. De Blasio who was in third place during most of the campaign bolted to first place with more than 40%, likely avoiding a costly and bruising run-off.
    While this race was a humiliating defeat for Greenfield, it was a great victory for Borough Park and all the Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in the City of New York, as de Blasio has had a close and friendly relationship with the Community since his first council victory twelve years ago.

District Attorney Primary

  • In making a frantic attempt to project his political image as a king maker Greenfield intimidated a number of community leaders to stand with him as he proclaimed his stanch support and endorsement of Joe Hynes, after Hikind endorsed the challenger Ken Thompson. While Hikind took the courageous and bold course endorsing the challenger to a long seated incumbent, Greenfield took the “safe road” in his endorsement of Hynes.
    Greenfield’s endorsement got Hynes an awkward 45%, losing the race,

City Council Primaries

  • In the newly drawn 48th Council District which was contrived by Greenfield, Recchia, and Quinn to politically emasculate the Orthodox Jewish Community in a payoff to the Russian community, the Russian candidate lost to the Orthodox Jewish candidate Deutsch.  Arkady Kagan, the Russian candidate had the full support and endorsement of Greenfield and yet he couldn’t muster enough votes to win. The voters in the 48th made the smart choice, as Deutsch will serve them with the same fervor and zeal he did in the past as a community activist.
  • Hoping to line up support in the New York City Council for his hoped for chairmanship of the City Council Finance Committee, Greenfield endorsed Gonzalez in her re-election bid for a third term in the City Council.  A Gonzalez victory would have given her seniority and a strong influence over the appointed of the City Council leadership and chairmanships.  The deal was that she’ll support Greenfield’s quest for the chairmanship of the Finance Committee in return for a Greenfield endorsement.  Shockingly, Gonzalez, the incumbent, lost in a crushing landslide to a novice and new-comer, Menchaca, 58% – 42%.
  • What can be more shattering to Greenfield than the wretched defeat suffered by his close ally and confidant, Vito Lopez.   Lopez, the one-time “Boss of Brooklyn” lost to a young new-comer, Reynoso, getting not more than 37%.
  • The biggest defeat Greenfield had was the “win” in his own primary race.  His win was devastating, as his challenger, Flusberg, a political unknown who decided to run on a lark, received close to 10% of the votes, without an investment of even one dime. He didn’t put out a single piece of literature, flyer, poster, or mailing, and yet received close to 10% of the votes in Borough Park.

Clearly, his glitz is gone and it is high time for Greenfield pack it in, as his next race could prove to be politically fatal.


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