Stand up and be counted

Posted on 10 September 2013 by Community Voice NY

Your family, friends, and neighbors are counting on you to visit your polling station today and vote.

The Orthodox Jewish Community has much at stake in this year’s primaries, as the entire New York City administration and City Council is up for election, and the prospect is ripe for a complete transformation of the Bloomberg policies implemented over of the last 12 years.

Our community got very little attention from the Bloomberg Administration and the City Council overall, particularly in the areas of education, child care, housing, and the unfair enforcement of city regulations.  Our non-profits are now required to pay exorbitant fees to the city agencies at a time when they can least afford it – at a time when our communal organizations and Yeshivas are struggling along with their parent bodies to keep the doors open to serve our children and the needy.

The Bloomberg Administration turned a deaf ear and blind eye to our needs as did the Quinn City Council and her cohorts including the Borough Park City Councilman David Greenfield.

Today we have the perfect chance to elect a fresh slate of city official and kick out the do-little hack incumbents by voting in today’s primaries.  Yes your vote can be the deciding vote.

Additionally, a community which votes gets the attention of elected officials and that is why we need to come out in huge numbers.

If you’re not sure of your polling station you can now check it on line

VOTE  —  VOTE  — VOTE  — VOTE  —  VOTE  —  VOTE  —  VOTE  —  VOTE  —  VOTE




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