State Senator Ruben Diaz Endorses Joseph Hayon for the NYC Council, 44th District

Posted on 23 October 2013 by Community Voice NY

Submitted by State Senator Rubén Diaz
Rubén Díaz

Rubén Díaz

What You Should Know

You should know that today, I, State Senator Rubén Diaz, endorsed Joseph Hayon for City Council in Brooklyn.  You Should know that Joseph Hayon is challenging Councilman David Greenfield for the New York City Council.  The district covers the Borough Park, Kensington, and Flatbush neighborhoods.

You should know that I am a Democrat, and I am a good Democrat.  I fight hard for women’s rights and the poor people.  But Democrat Greenfield voted for a resolution that would support late-term abortion on demand.  Greenfield voted to murder eight-month-old unborn children


You should know that Hayon is a staunch advocate of family values. Hayon broke ranks many times with his own party to support the unborn children.  Hayon successfully convinced hundreds of voters to support Erick Salgado for mayor.

You should know that Hayon will work effectively with my Democratic brothers in the NYC Council, finding common ground in addressing the concerns of his district.  Hayon has a fine history, from his days in college, as a defender and fighter for religious freedom and constitutional rights.  He will very effectively represent his constituents and defend their ideals and principals in the halls of the city government.

This is Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.


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