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Posted on 28 November 2014 by admin


The New York Daily News published an article on November 26, 2014, authored by Reuven Blau, under the headline “Borough Park Clogged with Yeshiva Buses Due to the Increasing Number of Vehicles and Schools”.

The report is replete with deceptions and half-truths.

The headline suggests that this is a newly created situation caused by an abrupt increase of schools, school buses and vehicles. It cites “community insiders” that there was a 20% increase in the number of school buses since last year.

The truth is that, while this condition has been around for the past decade and a half, it is getting progressively worse as the orthodox community grows. Certainly there wasn’t a 20% increase of school buses since last year.

The article further refers to “public officials” and school administrators who are working with the city administration to reschedule the trash collection schedule so as not to interfere with the morning rush. Why does the author fail to identify that the “public official” working with the deBlasio administration is NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind?

The author inserts a few quotes from David Greenfield, the local NYC Councilman and an old and dusty photo fished out from the bottom of the photo morgue, misleading the reader that Greenfield is somehow actively involved in resolving this matter. While Greenfield has made numerous campaign promises, he has not delivered on any of those them, and is NOT actively involved in addressing the subject matter.

Why is the author relentlessly asserting in the article that this fifteen year old traffic condition is newly generated and ascribes blame on a recent school transportation arrangement reached with the NYC Department of Education with the intervention and the efforts in Albany by State Senator Simcha Felder and NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind?

Perhaps the author, for political reasons, did not wish to publicly laud Felder and Hikind for their accomplishments and at same time attempted to cover David’s nakedness for fumbling the ball.

Daily News readers deserve better. They deserve honest and politically unbiased reporting.


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  1. miriam Says:

    well what do you expect? although I know reuvain and he is a very good reporter so im curious why this happened??

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