Williamsburg – Aronim Spin on the Election Turnout

Posted on 13 September 2013 by Community Voice NY

Michael Tobman, the PR guy hired by the Aronite (Aronem) sect of Satmar, released the following statement:

Tuesday’s Democratic Primary Election provided clear evidence of the growing prominence of the Aaroni faction of Satmar Hasidim in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Satmar community has, in recent years, been split between followers of two dynastic brothers, Rabbi Zalman and Rabbi Aaron. Historically, Williamsburg has been a Rabbi Zalman base while the Orange County village of Kiryas Joel outside NYC has been Rabbi Aaron’s base. The Satmar living in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Boro Park are overwhelmingly Aaroni.

“This is the third election with this kind of contention and energy,  showing a continued and steady growth,” said Isaac Sofer, Director of Governmental Affairs for the Central United Talmudical Academy. “And going forward we will continue to solidify our block vote across Brooklyn, growing to a strong and positive force for the wider community.”

The Aaroni faction of Satmar has become approximately 43% of Hasidic Williamsburg area polling site turnout. This is in addition to their dominant Satmar block of votes in Boro Park, where they played a large role in supporting de Blasio with 2,500 votes.

“The numbers don’t lie,” said Satmar community leader Moishe Indig. “Yesterday, compared to June and September 2012, present a significant new normal in Satmar and in Brooklyn, which we were thrilled to motivate on behalf of Bill de Blasio.”

“By way of background,” explained Aaroni spokesman and political consultant Michael Tobman, “the former head of the Brooklyn Democratic Party was so closely allied with the Zalman Satmar that his power-brokering forced public officials throughout New York City and State to choose allegiances based on their desire to maintain relations with the Party organization. New, more forward thinking Party leadership has rejected such forced binary decisions, creating space for candidates and public officials to fully engage the Satmar community.”

“Since then,” Tobman concluded, “the Aaroni community’s electoral presence has grown enormously, culminating yesterday with over 7,000 votes cast for Bill de Blasio for Mayor between Williamsburg and Boro Park. Similarly, the community decided not to oppose Councilman Stephen Levin, as they were troubled with the tone of his opponents campaign, preferring instead to focus their energies on supporting de Blasio.”

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