Winners and Losers 2014 – 48th NYS Assembly District

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Dov Hikind

Hikind won this race fairly and squarely, and with a landslide. This race gave him a perfect opportunity to review with the voting public his long list of accomplishments and endeavors over his thirty two year carrier in public service, and he did so in a very gracious and magnificent manner.

Hikind is indubitably a winner
The Hikind Team

Yony Hikind who worked assiduously for the campaign – Klein and Steinmetz who gave the campaign face and character – many non-political volunteers who worked with enthusiasm throughout the campaign, in gratitude for the assistance they’ve received from Hikind over the years.

They prevailed in this political race and got their candidate in.

They’re all irrefutable winners.
The Borough Park and Flatbush Communities

Borough Parkers and Flatbushshinians are not crazy. They recognized the campaign promises made by the Caller campaign for what they truly were, untrustworthy and deceitful.   They sagaciously refused to trade in thirty two years of proven public service for an untested and untried lawyer who had no record of public service in his long years as an attorney.

They disregarded his message despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars Caller dumped into the race.

They prevailed because they were united like never before, and that makes them winners.
Truth, Decency and Fairness

Despite the personal attacks on Hikind and his supporters by the Caller campaign, the Hikind camp insisted on running their campaign, and conducting themselves, in an honorable and dignified manner, sticking to the issues and Hikind’s record of achievements.

Much credit goes to the Borough Park and Flatbush voters for appreciating Orthodox Jewish values and rejecting politics of personal destruction.

At the end of day truth, decency, and fairness won the day. This should be a profound lesson to politicians contesting in future political campaigns in Orthodox Jewish districts.

Truth, decency and fairness will always remain in the winners’ column.


Nachman Caller

This race must have earned the top prize from the Guinness Book of World Records as the Caller campaign presumably spent in access of $500,000, over $150 per Caller voter, to realize his personal ambition to represent the 48th Assembly District in the New York State Assembly. He spent more than $100,000 on a single vendor, Moshe Friedman. Many business people and organizations are now hoping that Moshe Friedman will start redeeming his bounced checks worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Caller lost standing due his association with phonies the likes of Moshe Friedman and Jacob Kornbluh.
It is very little wonder that he lost respect and credence in the eyes of the public to a point that many bloggers are now referring to him as the “old fool”.

Caller is a loser by any definition.
Orthodox Jewish Political Club

The OJPC was constituted by David Greenfield to prop himself up. It is comprised of a small group community leader wannabees, including Mendy Reiner, who lack the acumen to realize that their function in Greenfield’s world is to be used to advance his own political ambitions. Membership into this group requires one to be completely submissive to Greenfield’s whims.

In their entire existence the OJPC hasn’t accomplished anything of consequence beyond acting as props for Greenfield’s publicity stunts.

This group met in March of this year to “flex their muscles” and assure Noah Dear’s judgeship.   They failed. Noah Dear lost his judgeship. Their crowning glory, of course, is Caller’s crushing loss in his race for the New York State Assembly – despite a $500,000 campaign budget.

They are first first-grade losers.
David Greenfield

The puppeteer behind the Caller race is none other than David Greenfield.

In his blind aversion to Hikind he has, over the past three years, charted a collision course with him, accomplishing nothing more than discord and disharmony in the district to advance his own political dreams and ignoring the needs of the community.

The first order of business after he got elected to the City Council Greenfield appointed his completely cowed cronies to the Community Board and purposefully removed long time business people and real estate professionals who freely volunteered their experience and counsel to benefit of the district.   The Community Board hasn’t any accomplishments to brag about since.

Greenfield instigated the Caller challenge against Hikind in a failed attempt to unseat him, and pulled the strings through OJPC.

It is noteworthy that his political crony, Recchia, was easily defeated by Grimm, an incumbent congressman, despite Grimm’s federal indictment.

Greenfield is a loser if I’ve ever seen one.
Fabrications, Dishonesty and Malevolence

Over the course of the campaign the Caller crew issued publicity material replete with personal attacks, invectives and outright mendacities against Hikind and his supporters. The purpose was to coerce the Hikind friends to drop out of the campaign team. They grossly underestimated the Hikind’s friends as they remained un-intimidated.

The voters in the district recognized this brazenness and handed them their awesome downfall.

Fabrications, Dishonesty and Malevolence have no place amongst the decant people in the district and will always remain in the losers’ column.

JP Updates

this internet blog is owned and managed by Moshe Friedman and boasts about their “political contributor” a journalism wannabee, Jacob Kornbluh who never finished high school and has great difficulty speaking and writing an English sentence correctly.

The blog was purchased by Friedman in preparation to the Caller campaign to be able to disseminate misinformation, propaganda, and spin. They did do so in a gross style.

The blog has since lost credibility with its readership and it is only a matter of time before they lose their advertisers.

They are losers.

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