YWN Straw Poll Of Orthodox Jewish Voters At The FJCC Mayoral Forum

Posted on 05 June 2013 by Community Voice NY

Salgado in first place


It’s only a straw poll, so don’t give too much thought to the results. However, based on the response to our questionnaire by a diverse group of ages and gender, the results of our straw poll, conducted Tuesday night after the FJCC mayoral forum, reflect the overall public opinion polls.

There’s one exception though. Christine Quinn, who didn’t hide the fact that she’s from the LGBT community, switched places with Erick Salgado. Mr. Salgado, whose Orthodox supporters are passionate about his candidacy, got the support of 26% while Ms. Quinn was the preferred choice by 7.4%. Former Councilman Sal Albanese didn’t pick up any support among attendees at the forum. Yet he managed to impress, good enough to be considered as the second choice by 22%.

A whopping 62 percent said they do not trust the candidates based on their promises on the campaign trail while 20% said they do trust the candidates. 18% expressed no opinion.

While the Democrats can rely on the Orthodox Jewish voters to turn out in the primaries and influence the vote, they are unlikely to get the same level of support in the general elections when faced with a Republican challenger. According to our straw poll, only 26% are committed voting for the Democratic nominee in the November election while 34% plan to vote for the Republican nominee. 40 percent were undecided.

Full results below:

Q #1: If primary elections for mayor of New York City were held today who would be your choice in the Democratic party?

Erick Salgado 26%

Anthony Weiner 18%

Bill de Blasio 15%

Bill Thompson 11%

Christine Quinn 7.4%

John Liu 4%

Undecided or NE 18.6%

Q #2: Who is your second choice?

Bill Thompson 27.5%

Sal Albanese 22%

Bill de Blasio 17%

John Liu 16.5%

Anthony Weiner 6%

Christine Quinn 5%

Erick Salgado 5%

Q #3: Do you trust the candidates based on their campaign promises?

Yes 20%

No 62%

No opinion 18%

Q #4: In the general election November 5th, would you vote for the Democratic nominate, the Republican or an Independent?

Democrat 26%

Republican 34%

Undecided 40%

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

(Wednesday, June 5th, 2013)


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